"A Place to Think and a Place to Do"

Physics Lab:
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Laws of Physics are nothing but the expressions of experimentally observed regularities in the nature.Our Physics laboratory provides the opportunities to observe these directly.We at Bajaj Science center have the well equipped physics laboratory to offer to our students where they can perform various experiments & activities upto the class 12th.With the specific need for the Optical experiments, dark rooms are also available to make the Optical experiments a success.Our Physics lab facilitates our students to explore more on their lab activities on various topics such as:

Our Physics lab facilitates our students to explore more on their lab activities on various topics such as:

  • Measurement
  • Mechanics
  • Magnetism
  • Optic Electromagnetism
  • Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Work, Power & Energy
  • Gravitation
  • Basics of Electronics

Major Instruments and Models available in the labs are as follows:

  • Angular Momentum Chair
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Simple Machine Apparatus
  • Wave Model
  • Spectrometer
  • Ballistic Galvanomer
  • Tangent Galvanometer.
  • Keter’s Reversible Pendulum
  • Bifilar Pendulum
  • Millikan’s Oil Drop Apparatus
  • Young’s Modulus
  • Newton’s Law of cooing Apparatus.
  • Resonance tube
  • Stoke’s tube
  • Kund’s tube Deluxe pattern
  • Laurent’s Half Shade Polarimeter
  • Vibration Magnetometer
  • Dip circle etc
Astronomy laboratory:
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We at Bajaj Science center facilitate our students with well equipped Astronomy Labortory to help them understand/explore the astronomical events using the available models.

Astronomical Telescope: Using which one can spot some of the celestial bodies like moon.

Astronomical models are the key factor understanding the natural events e.g. sunrise, sunset, eclipse, motion of all planets around the sun etc.

Our Astronomical Laboratory is well equipped with the variety of important models for our students as below:

  • Astronomical and Terrestrial Telescope
  • Model of phases of moon
  • Model of same face of moon
  • Mode of tilting axis of Uranus
  • Model of Seasons
  • Model of solar Lunar Eclipse
  • Model of orbital plane of Earth
  • Mode of Retrograde Motion
  • Model of Retrograde Rotation (Spin)
  • Model of duration of day of mercury

Chemistry laboratory:
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Chemistry is a vital topic to explore as this can’t be ignored technically and everything we do is pretty much is chemistry. To elaborate further, human body is made up of chemicals and there are chemical reactions taking place when we eat and even breathe.All matters are made up of chemicals and thus, chemistry is the study of everything.Equipments available in the laboratory are used into performing several experiments as well as to gather data pertaining reaction outputs. Chemistry laboratory at Bajaj Science center is well equipped with all the necessary chemicals, instruments along with glassware & utensils.

Some of them are listed below.

  • Chemical balance
  • Digital balance
  • PH meter
  • Water bath
  • Hot plate
  • Centrifuge machine
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Oven
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Single and double distillation assembly
  • Periodic table
  • 3D-Models of allotropes of carbon
Biology laboratory:
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Our biology laboratory conducts experiments & activities based on Botany, Zoology, Human biology, Plant physiology, Biochemistry and cell biology for our students with the help of which they can get core understanding in this dynamic subject of life science.The biology laboratory at Bajaj Science Centre makes sure to provide students the ample lighting and all required workspace facilities which help students carrying out their experiments in a scientific manner.

The Bajaj Science Centre Biology laboratory is equipped with best quality appliances. The equipment includes are as follows:

  • Bacteriological incubator
  • Hot air oven
  • Autoclave and Microscopes

The laboratory also equipped with preserved specimens of plants and animals, permanent slides, working models and charts of plant and animal systems.

All these facilities are provided by Bajaj Science Centre Biology laboratory that helps students to gain their subject knowledge in a simple and convenient way.

Mathematics laboratory:
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The Mathematics Laboratory is a place where anybody can do maths experiment (activities) and explore their ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games , puzzles and other teaching and learning material. The material is meant to be used by both the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics. The Mathematics laboratory of Bajaj Science Centre provides an opportunity to students to understand the basic mathematical concept by visualization.

The maths laboratory activities have been done with students and teachers of different grade levels . These activities are intended to give children an experience of doing mathematics and not merely for the purpose of demonstration. The maths laboratory activities create interest among students or in anybody who wants to explore and test some of their ideas about mathematics. The students can do the activities individually.

The activities involves:

  • Models
  • Charts
  • Boards
  • Paper cutting-pasting
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Projects
Electronics laboratory:
elect-lab comp-lab

Electronics and computer science are the fast growing branches of science. We use different electronics devices in our day to day life. In this laboratory Students learn about electronic components like, Resistor, Capacitor ,Transformer, etc. use in different electronics devices through demonstration and experiments. They also learn how to make circuit on breadboard. The Electronics laboratory in Bajaj Science Centre provides an opportunity to students to understand the basic Electronics concept by visualization. As we know about resistors, which is very common component use in maximum electronics devices like, mobile charger, television, computer, toys. These resistors are available with different values .The students of 8th class learn how to calculate the value of resistor using color code also measure it with the help of multimeter.

The word ‘Plasma’ is not mostly people have heard of before. Plasma is fourth state of matter.Students at Bajaj Science Centre learned about plasma state through several demonstrations. They use Digital Oscilloscope for graphical representation of electric signal.Using oscilloscope they learned about alternating voltage (AC) and direct voltage (DC).

Electronics laboratory of Bajaj Science centre is well equipped with the following equipments.

  • Regulated DC power supply
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator
  • LCR-Q meter
  • Dimmerstat
Computer laboratory:

In Computer laboratory students make documents, worksheet and presentation on computer. They also make web page using HTML. Students do some basic programs like addition subtraction, average of two numbers, etc.. Using C-language.

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Library is a very important place of any academic institution. Bajaj Science Center provides library facility to all students of science centre. It has collection of 1000 books. Our collection mainly contains books of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, electronics computer, science activity, projects and biographies of scientist.
We are also subscribing magazines like Science Reporter, Vidyan Pragati, Chemistry for you, Physics for you, Electronics today etc.These books are useful to students for their school project as well as studies and develop a reading habits and can get state of art technologies

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Bajaj Science Center has a multipurpose hall of dimensions 16 X 12 m2 having seating capacity of 100 to 120 persons and it provides a platform to various educational programs in centre like science quiz, guest lectures and workshops of various subjects.