"A Place to Think and a Place to Do"

Philosophy of Bajaj science centre

Bajaj Science Center was established in 2007 to promote basic science education among students. Leading industrialist Shri.Rahul Bajaj is the president of this institute and Prof.C.K.Desai is the main architect to established this institute. It is different from a routine school or a college laboratory and also from a normal museum .Bajaj Science Center houses all experiments from the regular curriculum and a good number of other experiments which will stimulate the curiosity of the students. Apart from these experiments, center also works on the simple science demonstrations to convince that the science is logical sequence of thought and not magic at all. Keen and careful observations, drawing the inferences estimate and measure the error, design a new experiment or new method by minimizing the errors; these are the qualities which get developed while doing concept oriented experiments. The students learn happily through the combination of innovation, exploration and learning by doing. Students are encouraged to ask every query and doubt to co-explorer teacher as well as friends which encourages dialogue amongst them. Dialogue helps learning and helps understanding of the subject content. Most educationalists say, there should be a paradigm change in education what is it exactly? The science education that the students get through experimentation and dialogue in Bajaj Science Center is definitely one of the correct ways to find a solution.

Center facilitates about 500 students from different schools in the region from 5th standard to 12th standard. Students are admitted through entrance test on merit basis.Center consists of six laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics and Computers, Astronomy) and also have a separate library. Each laboratory is well equipped with number of experiments and pedagogy tools and is enough to generate scientific temperament amongst students. Students are entertained to adopt a self learning mode with the help of subject experts. Center is also associated with Homi Bhabha centre for science education (HBCSE), Mumbai, the apex national institution working in the field of science education. Center is also one of the three examination centers of Maharashtra for the well known Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition.

Structure of Bajaj science centre